Carpool Schedule and  Information

If your daughter will need a ride to practice(s), please sign her name up with a driver for the practice date as soon as you can–and no later than 2pm the day of practice (or the night before in the case of the 7am practice).

Drivers: Please check the signup after 2pm the day of practice so you know who you are taking and who to contact if they don’t show up. If we have to many drivers, you can consolidate when you meet up in the parking lot.

Carpools will meet at the designated time in the SHS parking lot. Best to have your daughter text you when she’s on her way back for a more accurate timing of return. Drivers can drop girls home if they choose (but don’t assume they will).

Please email Susanne  if the carpool fills up and I will try to find additional drivers.

Car Signup


Please see the Carpool Schedule for a list of drivers and dates.