Ice, Ice Baby: In Fundraising Effort, Summit H.S. Girls, Boys Hockey Teams to Bag Groceries

26 October 2017


 October 26, 2017
Category Fundraiser
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Thank you to the Players and Parents who volunteered at the Springfield Shop Rite on Sunday, 10/15 from 10am-5:30pm. Players and Parents bagged groceries over the course of 3 shifts.

After 7.5 hours of bagging we raised $2084.00 for the Summit Ice Hockey Association!! This is a staggering amount of money that was raised by our Girl and Boy players who worked
side by side bagging groceries. Shop Rite had estimated we could make anywhere from $600 and up.

Our players were amazing! Everyone was upbeat, showed up on time, engaged with customers, and worked extremely hard bagging customer’s groceries. There was very little down time for
anyone working any of the 3 shifts.

The players and parents who participated are as follows:

Emma Cahillane
Aidan Cass
Charlotte Cass
Bella Dambrosi
Grace Donohue
Skye Gilbert
Sam Goldstein
Sara Graham
Ellie Griffith
Grace Hannigan
Masie Hiltabrand
Alex Kim
Wilson Lees
Blakely McCann
Amanda Michaels
Grace Morrissey
Luke O’Dowd
Julia Oppici
Johnny Puskar
Jake Puskar
Luc Radice
Caroline Sharpe
David Sharpe
Emily Sharpe
Tommy Sharpe
Matt Vigliotta
Will Vitton
Emma Wilde

And a SPECIAL thanks to KEVIN CAHILLANE and JIM LEES for bagging groceries, helping our players transition from one shift to the next and managing the collections. It was truly a team effort in making this such a successful event!

For those unable to participate in yesterdays event, another Shop Rite bagging opportunity will be on Sunday, 11/5 from 10am-5:30pm. Please look for sign up in the next week.

Register for the November 5 event at

Thank you, again, for everyones participation. It was really amazing to see our girls and boys work together as a team and have some fun in the process. And thank you to the parents at home who gave their child tips
on bagging(they all did very well) and driving them back and forth to Shop Rite.

Julie & Chuck Vitton