Girls Ice Hockey: Making history at Summit becomes a sister act for the Sharpes

29 February 2020


 February 29, 2020
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For three years, the Sharpe sisters have been inseparable on the ice for Summit.

So, it was fitting that the two would make history in the same week.

Caroline Sharpe became the first player in program history to reach 100 points with a three-assist performance in a 5-0 victory against Pingry.

Just five days later, Emily Sharpe sat eight points away from the same milestone and went off for three goals and five assists to accomplish the same feat.

Despite Emily being the older sister, bragging rights go to Caroline.

“I will never forget this,” Caroline joked. “I’ll never let her live it down. I’m just going to keep it with me for the rest of my life. I’ll tell my kids about it and her kids will know too.”

The two have such a competitive nature, which just comes with the territory of being sisters so close in age, and the rest of the team feeds off of the energy they bring.

It’s also not a rarity to hear the two go back and forth with each other on the bench, though any argument never spills over onto the ice.

“We get angry at each other sometimes but that makes us play better,” Caroline said. “I definitely yell at her and she yells at me but then we go on the ice and score goals and have fun.”

They’ve scored plenty in their time together and have a combined 48 on the season to go with 47 assists. What’s more, coach Matt Stanbro isn’t afraid to put them out in any situation together.

“We have really good chemistry,” said Emily, a senior. “We somehow know where each other are on the ice without calling each other’s name and know what each other is going to do next. It’s really helpful that she’s always there for me.”

What has been a memorable three-year run for the pair is slowly coming to an end but both know there’s more work to be done.

With yesterday’s win over Pingry, Summit has punched a ticket to the semifinals, just one win away from Prudential Center and the first-ever girls hockey state final.

You better believe those competitive juices will be flowing.